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A botanical garden and level II arboretum. Scott Serrano & Allyson Levy started making a botanical garden in their Stone Ridge backyard 20 years ago by planting native trees, shrubs, perennials and unusual edibles. Soon after they became interested in bog plants, hardy cacti, woodland species and non-native trees. They fenced in 3 acres, made tags, and recorded what they planted over the past decade with the intention of one day being a public garden with the mission of being an educational resource. 
They are currently working on 3 different gardens on their 11-acre property. The Field Garden which has the grape arbor, Pitcher Plant bog, Arum bed and hardy Cacti bed. The Perennial Garden which grows unusual perennials, and shrubs including collections of Calycanthus, Stewartias and Hydrangeas. And their newest garden, ten years 'young' is  The South Garden  is about 1-acre large, and turns 10 years old this year. It has a Sempervivum scree, a small orchard, a Kiwi Gazebo, another hardy cacti environment, a Chinese Garden, the Lotus Pond Summer along with most of their edible seasonal crops. 
The gardens are now being run as a non-profit organization whose mission is to sustain the native, unusual and historic plant life of our area and serve as a vital educational resource for the public. One of our goals is to create a "Living Textbook" of plants that can be grown in the Hudson Valley. Child and group friendly. Pets on leash only. Seasonal; open by appointment.

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Phone: (917) 613-3024
Email: hortusarboretum@gmail.com

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